Welcome to the home of Ultimate frisbee in Ithaca, NY!

Come join us for pick-up or learn about all the other ways to play ultimate in Ithaca.

IAUA White %22State Park%22 Jersey


A couple exciting announcements this week - I'll just get to 'em.

1) As this is the fourth week of games, Zone Defense is now Allowed! Captains, please take some time to talk to your team about this, even if you don't plan on running it.

2) Starting next week we're going to have a few League Social Nights! These are a great chance to kick back after games, patronize our wonderful sponsors, and chat up the rest of the folks who love ultimate as much as you.
First Social Night: Wednesday, July 15th, 7:45 at Collegetown Bagels in Collegetown. (415 College Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850) IAUA will have pitchers of beer and some snacks; you'll have the conversation and good vibes.

3) Limited Edition White Jerseys are available to order now! I've attached the design to this e-mail; it's a pretty sweet image of Taughannock Falls done in the style of those retro National Parks promotional posters, courtesy of our own Niki Lesniak. You can order them through the IAUA store - hurry, there is a very short window for this!

Thanks for a great, spirited league everyone!
See you on the fields!

Summer League's first official week of games will be this week at Cass Park at 6pm!

For the next three weeks (this and two more) teams will play on their teams' night. After that, two of the next four weeks will be crossover games played on the opposite night, allowing each team to play every other team in the league. You can view your game schedule by going to the 2015 Recreational League page and clicking on your team!

Starting next week we'll be hosting some disc games (Kan-Jam, DDC, maybe Goaltimate) and grilling Tuesday nights at Buttermilk. More details to come, but keep an eye out!